Member Testimonials

Mark MartinMark Martin
Past Director & FRI Board Member

Hi, My name Mark Martin aka Kickstand, I won’t go into the events that lead up to that nickname, but if you come ride with us, I will give the story up. (hah ha) The Lord led my family an me to Fellowship Riders. It has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me! There are many things that Fellowship Riders has to offer, Prison Ministry, Angel Tree and other types of ministries. Also the fellowship that I have experienced here is amazing. We are such a diverse group of individuals We have people who work as bank janitors, stockbrokers, city workers, sheet metal workers, retired individuals and the list goes on. We all have at least two common interests, we love Jesus and we like riding motorcycles. So come and ride with us. You will fit right in no matter who you are or what you do. What a deal, serve the Lord and get to ride a motorcycle. It doesn’t get much better than that. A servant of Jesus. Mark Martin

junior-350hJunior Martin

Hi, my name is Junior, Been riding with fellowship riders for three years now. What an awesome group of people. I come from a life of destruction had a 13 yr meth addiction and in and out of jail most of my adult life… When one day God had got my attention and I soon realized how much I needed God… And most importantly how much He wanted me… Jan 3 2008 I rededicated my life back to Christ… And started hanging out with fellowship riders… Oh and by the way I didn’t even have a motorcycle or really wanted one…. I just needed friends that would support me and care about me… and I found it here with Fellowship riders…So about 8 mo later God gave me a motorcycle…. To go and minister to the lost to use as a tool for Him… and I tell you what we serve an Awesome God!!! And today we are still riding I am honored to be a part of the Leadership Team… If you are new to Fellowship Riders and have any Questions about Fellowship Riders or looking to get involved in a ministry or maybe just need to talk feel free to contact me day or night… oh by the way FELLOWSHIP RIDERS ROCKS!!!!! And thanks to all for all that you do!!

Dan and Tonya Oldham (photographer):

and I have truly been blessed by our association with the Fellowship Riders. We started riding with the group a little over a year ago, and it has changed our lives. We have made lifelong friends, and have gone on some awesome trips. Last April the group was invited to Angola Prison in Louisiana to take part in a Franklin Graham crusade. We saddled up and took off and what a wonderfully spiritual experience, and the ride was incredible. A group of us took off to STURGIS, SD in August and that was a really fun trip!! Angel Tree each December is something that you will never forget and will truly touch your heart. There are other things too numerous to mention, but I know that if you come and ride with us you will find what we have found, a wonderfully diverse group with wonderful hearts for Jesus, and friends for a lifetime!!

Ronnie Gililland (Road Captain):

I first learned about FRL at the 2006 South Plains Fair. They were handing out water & had a few bikes there to look at. The next year, I bought my 2006 Harley Ultra and my wife & I saw them meeting out at Kohl’s parking lot. We went down & joined in on the ride. I enjoy the Christian Fellowship with everyone and have a lot of fun riding to eat some place every Friday night. Mark asked if I would be a Road Captain in 2009 and I accepted the challenge of trying to keep everyone together on our rides without getting lost or going the wrong way.

God Bless… Ronnie Gililland

Jackie Gililland (Prayer Warrior):

We have been riding with FRL for 5 years, since May, 2007. We live close to Kohl’s where FRL meets every Friday night for dinner rides. Way before we bought our bike, we saw FRL meet before rides & we knew they were a Christian Group. We wanted to be involved in Christian Ministries in a Christian Motorcycle Group. After we purchased our bike, we started riding with FRL that 1st Friday night. It’s one of the best decisions we have ever made & we have some wonderful Christian friends because of FRL. We are rich in relationships!!! One of my spiritual gifts is Intercessory Prayer & God called me to be a Prayer Warrior for FRL. Our leader approached me after I had been a Prayer Warrior for a little while & told me that the Leadership Team wanted me to be the Prayer Warrior Leader. I feel so honored to lead in this capacity for FRL. God has been faithful to perform miracles & answer prayers of these wonderful & faithful Prayer Warriors! Until God leads me otherwise, I will do my best to honor Him & intercede daily for all my brothers & sisters & their requests & praises.

In Christ… Jackie Gililland

Barney CastroBarney (Gadgetman):

I was a Senior buyer for Wal-Mart Stores Inc. I lived in Roger AR until Feb 2003. At which time I retired and moved back to Lubbock after being gone for many years. I joined Fellowship Riders because I would be with a Christian group that would help me live the life of a Christian and grow spiritually with the fellowship of each member. I truly enjoy the fellowship we have on Friday nights, riding, and having dinner together. The bonus is when we take three or four day trips to different parts of the country, especially Big Bend.

Jim FulpJim Fulp (Jimmmr):

I came to Lubbock with Mary’s job transfer a few years ago and did not know anybody. I do computer work from home so did not have much of an occasion to socialize. I love to ride and love to fellowship with like minded believers. What a perfect match. I have developed some great friendships and have had a great time with some quality folks. I have been involved with lots of ministries and this is one of the best! You may come for the rides but you will keep coming back for the friendships and the fellowship. Even though I have since moved from Lubbock a few years ago, I still get a chance to occationally join them on rides just to reunite with good friends and my brothers and sisters in Christ. A great way to to keep your chin in the wind, your knees in the breeze and your eyes on God and all that he blesses us with.

Elizabeth Robles :

I remember being terrified of motorcycles. What if I get in a wreck or fall off, not to mention what it would do to my hair! My conversion came on a Friday night ride to Littlefield. (My first ride) It was early September and it had been raining most the day. This die-hard group rode anyway. On the bike, I paid more attention to the landscape than I usually do. The rolling hills, (yes, there are actually a few on the way to Littlefield) reminded me that God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. There were beautiful wild flowers all along the way of various colors, I knew immediately that God had put them there just for me! (He sends me flowers regularly if I take the time to notice.) There was a cool, sweet smelling breeze and it reminded me of the “Fragrance After The Rain”. What an awesome experience,all on the back of a motorcycle.

Who ever thought that I would put on leathers and mount a bike. No way, that was for those biker people. Well I’m here to tell you that I am one of those biker people now and I count it an honor and a privilege to be associated with Fellowship Riders! Needless to say I am no longer terrified of motorcycles, and as for my hair, I just throw on a headband and go on my way. Nobody really seems to care what I look like anyway, they’re just glad I’m here, and it feels so good to be wanted.