In the popular Robin Mark worship song “These are the days of Elijah.” There is line which says ‘This is the year of Jubilee’, we have all sung it, but I wonder how many of us know exactly what we are singing.
We read in Leviticus (24:1-25:46) where the details for the year of jubilee were laid down. Basically, it could be described as a whole year of party. No work was to be done in the fields, slaves were freed, debts cleared and property returned to its original owners. It was the great equalizer.
The slavery spoken about is not the usual type of slavery which we might think about. It is not the slavery of a subject race by a conqueror. It was when someone got into debt that he could not pay, they were taken as a slave to pay the debts. When the year of jubilee came round the debt was forgiven and the man was set free. So in one case there was the forgiveness but also restoration.
The year of jubilee was a great leveler, your ancestral lands were returned, slaves were realized and unpaid debts were canceled. Technically then, the land which belonged to you could not be sold but only leased until the next jubilee year and the price that was paid was worked out in relation to this. So if you “bought” a field just after the jubilee year you paid a lot more than you did if you “bought” the same field nearer to the time of the jubilee year. It was reminder to the people that the land was not really theirs but was God’s who entrusted it to them. They were just looking after it.

The ultimate concept associated with jubilee was that of forgiveness and restoration. Debts were forgiven and lands restored to the condition that God had given them on first entering the land. This picture in Leviticus paints for us a beautiful preview of what Jesus accomplished. He came to usher in the year of jubilee, not only offering forgiveness for sin but also restoring to us everything which the Father had planned.
Tag on this interesting tidbit; This very year, 2016, or the Hebrew year 5776, is a special jubilee year for it is the 70th jubilee since Joshua led Israel into the Promised Land. It is a special season for Israel and the Ecclesia. Jubilee 5776 is an important date in YHVH’s calendar. Several historic events in Israel have occurred during Shmita years (every 7th year) and in the years of jubilee that have followed, and we are expecting great things in this coming season! For example, most recently both the years 1916 and 1965 were the 7th Shmitas, preceding a year of jubilee. In the 1916/17 Shmita year, followed by the 1917/18 Jubilee year, Jerusalem was liberated from the Ottoman Empire (December 11, 1917). Similarly, during the 1965/66 Shmita year, followed by the 1966/67 Jubilee year, Jerusalem was liberated from Arab control (June 11, 1967).
I’m not sharing all of this to get you caught up in prophecy or Jewish history. But it is evident, and I believe, God is up to something this year. It is time to get our minds aligned with the mind of Christ, our lives aligned in His righteousness, forgive our debtors, restore relationships, and PARTY like it’s 5776! “Lift your voice! It’s the year of Jubilee, and out of Zion’s hill salvation comes!” Hallelujah!
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Go read Leviticus 24:1-25:46 and get your Jubilee on!