Fellowship Riders LubbockIt seems more and more “Christians” are struggling with the truth and deciding for themselves what is right. No real surprise here, as the Bible tells about such “struggles” and false teachings in last times. I recently left a closed FaceBook group that presents itself as an online church for bikers for this very reason. It seemed they have a grudge against the church, any but theirs I guess, and then they began discussing what they called “false teachings of loving everyone and forgiving everyone.” WHAT? Is that not what Christ taught us 101? They actually implied one is a “Pansy” if they live that way. Lord help them!

Sadder yet is the repeated decision to stay out of church because of the leadership or hypocrites. I hear it over and over, “I’ll just worship at home in my own way.” RIGHT! Or here’s a common statement: “I’m not walking away from Jesus, but I am done with the church. I can’t trust the leadership. I held a certain leader in high esteem and they failed me, so I am not going to walk away from Jesus, but I am done with the organized aspect of church life.”

Here’s the truth: If you do that, you are walking away from Jesus.

Here is the reason: To say, “I love Jesus, but I don’t submit to his word” is a lie. “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word” (John 14:23). Jesus founded the church. Moses didn’t. Peter didn’t. Paul didn’t. Jesus founded the church. He established apostles to be — according to Ephesians 2:20 — the foundation of the church. And then he built it with prophets and teachers and pastors and ordained that there be a structure of local churches in the body of Christ called the church.

This is not man’s idea. There are a lot of young evangelicals who are cool, hip, and leftward-leaning who think they can substitute something for organized church. Well, I would have to look at what they are substituting and say: Are you really just creating church, trying to create church? If you are trying to create church, just create it biblically. Start a biblical church. And that means listening to your Master and his word and his apostles.

So the choice of Jesus over church implies a choice of your opinion over the Bible, because the Bible is where we meet Jesus. You can’t make Jesus up. You can’t make him up. He is the Jesus of the Bible or he is the Jesus of your imagination. If he is the Jesus of the Bible, you take the whole Jesus. You can’t carve him up in pieces. And the whole Jesus is the Jesus who loves the church. He died for the church.

Lord, help us all!

Friday Night Dinner Ride 1-22-16 We will meet at Kohl’s at 98th & Indiana Ave for fellowship. At 6:30 Road Captain, Preston Langford, will lead us an a short ride to Chilito’s Pepper Cafe, 449 US 62, in Wolfforth. Come join in the fellowship! Our table reservation is set for 6:45 if you decide to ride in a cage.

See you in church!