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FacebookFacebook GroupFellowship Riders Lubbock now has a Facebook Account. Look up Fellowship Riders Lubbock Trip Planning Page. We will put all of our rides on to keep you updated. You will still need to go to to get ride details. We hope that you will follow us on face book.


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Family discussion:

I am so excited about the new folks God has brought to our FRL family in the past several months. He continues to pour out His blessing of provision and protection on FRL.

In thanks, we praise and worship His presence and welcome the opportunities He brings to share His hope to a lost world. We seek to honor God in ALL we do and EVERYWHERE we go.

Fellowship Riders has a code of conduct that we operate by. We believe this is one of many ways we honor God and by taking this stand as well as others, we believe we walk in his favor of protection and provision. Therefore, we will not compromise this code.

With many new riders joining our family I feel it is important to call attention to this code. It is located on our home page at I am also attaching a copy for your convenience. Please review this code of conduct and agree to abide by it while on Fellowship Riders events and while wearing any Fellowship Rider colors (apparel). This is the only requirement for membership.

May others see Jesus when they see a Fellowship Rider! Thanks for your cooperation.

Keep your eyes on Jesus; He is always, lovingly, watching you!


 Friday, Every Week, 2020

GROUP EVENT : Dinner Run Date: Every Friday Time: 6:00 PM Kohl’s Parking Lot (98th & Indiana) We meet every Friday evening at the Kohl’s parking lot on 98th and Indiana at 6:00 PM, and departing at 6:25 pm, riding from 60 to 100 miles as a group to a resturant picked at random each week. Ride routes are carefully planned, taking advantage of as many scenic back roads as possible. We will ride back as a group and each rider can leave the group as needed. On the 2nd Saturday of each month we plan weekend rides. Come join in the ride, the fun, and the fellowship.

Friday Night Dinner Ride 12/1/17 – We will meet at Kohl’s at 6pm. At 6:30 we will ride to a great place to eat and fellowship.


Angel Tree2020 FRL Angel Tree Christmas Delivery

Angel Tree for Prison Fellowship needs our support. This year, donations for gifts are being received. The financial gifts will be used to keep relationships alive between children and incarcerated parents. Please join us in this opportunity.

Let’s make this happen! The children of incarcerated parents need hope for tomorrow in such a challenging and often lonely time. We know who holds that hope. Let’s not hesitate to share it with them.

For more schedule details and for updates in the planning follow us at the Fellowship Riders Trip Planning Page on Facebook.