FRL NOW 1-28-16

Here’s another sore toe maker. (Or sore tongue, in this case)

Do you remember the days before the internet, when people had a sense of respect for each other? When there were certain rules of common courtesy that the vast majority of people upheld? Remember back when we didn’t feel compelled to share our opinion about every single thing that is brought up?
Polite has taken a backseat to argumentative. Kind has been overruled by sarcastic. Meek and mild have been squashed by loud and assuming.

Honestly, I grow weary of seeing the words rant over at the end of Facebook posts. The truth is that the ranting is never over. We are ranters. And, we delight in complaining. And, we are so easily offended. And, we can never just silently get over anything.

The instant gratification of the social media world has caused us to be validated in our opinions and our ungodly attitudes. We get likes when we’re being sensational. We get shares when we are being petty. We get good-for-yous when we describe how we chose to be unforgiving and lacking in mercy. (more…)

FRL NOW 1-21-16

Fellowship Riders LubbockIt seems more and more “Christians” are struggling with the truth and deciding for themselves what is right. No real surprise here, as the Bible tells about such “struggles” and false teachings in last times. I recently left a closed FaceBook group that presents itself as an online church for bikers for this very reason. It seemed they have a grudge against the church, any but theirs I guess, and then they began discussing what they called “false teachings of loving everyone and forgiving everyone.” WHAT? Is that not what Christ taught us 101? They actually implied one is a “Pansy” if they live that way. Lord help them! (more…)

FRL NOW 1-8-16

Your inheritance this year depends on you. During this year a great conflict of ideologies will collide in America’s political process. America is being discipled by ideas and advocates who do not see the fruit of their own creation as: “Sorrows multiply to them that hasten after another God.” Will those sorrows effect you? Those who make prayer their habitation will find lines of access to the throne room! In this place their are “pleasures forevermore.” And in this place there is jurisdiction over the inheritance assigned to you.

As you build up your spirit man you cast down Devils assigned against you. The result? The lines will fall for you “in pleasant places.” You will have a good inheritance.

Psalm 16 is key. Pressing into the realm of heaven over the realm of earth will keep you free from the warfare and shaking of earth while establishing you in your allotted inheritance. This is best done by prayer and fasting and the Word of God. We all know this- but this year the Overcomer’s will DO IT! (more…)